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If you are in the Prince Albert Saskatchewan area and looking for custom sound come see us at P.A.Soundworks for all your custom home and automotive sound and video needs. Serving Prince Albert & Area with over 30 years of car and truck audio/video experience, we take pride in giving you the best sound experience possible whether it be a single component, or a full sound system replacement. We will always make sure that you walk away satisfied with how your vehicle sounds. If you're looking for that extra kick that your factory stereo just can't seem to provide, let us know!



From a dedicated listening room to the open spaces of your backyard to on the road with your family, every area of your house can sound great with a whole home audio system and no matter the make or model of your vehicle or off road or on boat we've got you covered. Stream your favourite music anywhere.

At P.A.Soundworks, we know technology doesn’t just have to work right – it has to look good, too. That’s why we design distributed audio systems with your home and automotive aesthetics in mind. Whether you want to enjoy the bold blast of freestanding speakers in your media room, the subtle sounds of recessed speakers in the dining room or the invisible delight of in-wall speakers in the bedroom, we can integrate components that sound great and look amazing in any space. Our automotive installation team can help you get the components you need and want and to look the way you want. 

Multiple Sources:

If you love music, you’ll see big benefits by integrating multiple sources. From re-discovering through the old record or CD collections to selecting from your vast library of digital music, we make it easy to access and play the content you want to listen to. Plus, we simplify access to mobile streaming through your ipod, iphone or any smartphone. 

Expert Calibration:

Every room in your home is different, and every vehicle is designed differently and that means each has its own unique sound profile. We take into account the environment each space provides to determine placement and calibration of each speaker.

Want to learn more about how whole home audio can fit into your lifestyle? Call today for more details. 

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