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At P.A.Soundworks, we believe in helping Prince Albert, SK. and the surrounding areas live their best lives. That’s why we specialize in integrating your technology into a single smart home automation system. With one-touch controls of the components throughout your property, you can enjoy the convenience, ease and savings of custom electronic technology.

Simplify Your Spaces:

Your home is full of technology. From the television in your living room to the lighting fixtures on every wall, you use complex technology every day. But what if the same device you used to change the channel could also dim the lights, or adjust the temperature on your thermostat? Integrated automation makes your life easier than ever before by making each device work together to form a comprehensive system. One-touch controls, pre-set timers and programmable scenes are just a few of the ways an integrated system can simplify your spaces.

Easy to Use:

For some, the idea of a smart home system seems scary. In fact, it’s so easy to use that your entire family will learn how it works in seconds. Whether you prefer a touch-screen interface that you can enjoy on a dedicated control or personal mobile device, or traditional hard button panels customized to your system, we offer plenty of options for your spaces.

Peace of Mind:

When your technology works together, it helps your home speak to you. Spend less time ensuring your home is secured when you leave. Remotely check and engage integrated features on a connected mobile device. Receive real-time reports on energy usage and take action if any device has been left on when not in use. And get immediate notifications when activity is detected in the house.

Want to learn more about how smart technology can simplify your lifestyle? Fill out the form below.


Our team will gain an understanding of your current control systems and how they can be centralized along with what features and systems you would like to add or subtract from your home automation system. 


Our team will select the best products in your price range and design a system that encompasses all of your family's needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.  


P.A.Soundworks will implement your home automation system thoroughly but quickly, so your family can take advantage of your home's convenience potential as soon as possible. 


Our team will guide you through the ins-and-outs for your new system with instructions on system-setup and usage.

P.A.Soundworks designs systems with ease-of-use as our top priority. 


Our team is available for technical support 306.922.0606 after your new system is installed. Want to integrate a new component to your home automation system? Time for an update? Technical difficulties? 

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